Announcing Project Atlas! (Plus More!)

Announcing Project Atlas! (Plus More!)

Hey everyone! We've been hard at work on quite a few unannounced projects and today we're happy to announce one of them, Project Atlas, as a teaser of what the future holds!

Project Atlas

Project Atlas - Project Page

The goal of Project Atlas is to be a comprehensive framework for reverse engineering, documenting, and extending the original Microsoft Xbox software library via static analytics.

What started off as simple research and toolchain development for our XboxHD+ has quickly developed into much more. Project Atlas aims to take the years of research and development from that project and incorporated it into an easy-to-use framework for documentation, analysis, and extending software on the original Xbox. At the core of Project Atlas is a set of tools for static analyzing and on top of that is a set of build tools for injecting native C code directly into XBEs.

Project Atlas - Teaser (Xbox One Controller Support for Halo)

The first proof-of-concept that we're releasing today is adding additional USB controller support to games, in this case, the original release of Halo.

Adding additional "drivers" in the past has always been labeled as impossible. The USB stack and all of its drivers are builtin directly into every game. But with Project Atlas, we can use static analytics to automatically perform ahead-of-time full abstraction out every function, member, struct, datatype, etc of the USB system to quickly and easily implement in support for more controllers.

Requirements Limitations
  • Only works with Xbox One series of controllers (Micro-USB, no share button). Support for XSX and Elite controllers has not be added yet.
  • Only tested with first-party OEM controllers and the Hyperkin Duke.

Project Atlas - FAQ

Q: Will this work for other games?

While the patch we're releasing today is only for Halo, the tools and method used to make this possible does work with any game.

Q: Will there be long term support this patch?

No. For now this is just a proof-of-concept and there's no plans for the Project Atlas project to support it in the future. It's purely to show what's possible and is part of much bigger projects.

Q: Where's the source code?

We're in the process of releasing all of our tools and documentation for Project Atlas on the GitHub page. There's currently no ETA at this time.

New Product - Xbox USB Adapter

We're also excited to announce that we now have high quality Xbox USB adapters in stock! This adapter allows you to connect USB devices to your Xbox for use in homebrew games, emulators, and so much more!

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