Project Stellar - Firmware Update 1.1.2

Project Stellar - Firmware Update 1.1.2

Hey everyone! We usually don't push a blog post on smaller/incremental updates. Still, we've made some updates to StellarOS since the 1.1.0 release that should help users migrate from previous mods, and we wanted to do a quick weekend write-up to help those users!

Partition Mounting Errors

StellarOS has a few additional checks to ensure that the partitions being mounted are valid and can be used. This is to prevent data loss and corruption.

The original Xbox, in the past, can have a hard drive that's formatted in quite a few different ways. From the first version of oz_paulb's LBA48 patch to the LBA48v2 patch found inside m8plus and softmods. Legacy BIOS releases like m8plus have an optional hard-coded partition table. And recently, extensions to LBAv2 have been made to support 48-bit partition mapping.

StellarOS, on boot, will attempt to read the partition table from the drive, and if it's not found, it will try to detect partitions F and G at their respective offsets according to common hard-coded offsets.

If you believe you're experiencing drive/partition issues, the first step is to check both the Tools page (Hard Drive Overview) and the Diagnostics screen. The second step would be the Stellar Knowedlegebase, where you can find more information on the error code and decypher the diagnostics screen.


We hope the additional troubleshooting tools are helpful. We're always looking for ways to improve the user experience and make the modding process easier for all, both new and old.

See you in the next update!
- Dustin