Project Stellar - Firmware Update 1.5.0

Project Stellar - Firmware Update 1.5.0

Hello everyone!

We're excited to share the release of firmware version 1.5.0 for Project Stellar. In this update we've add a new in-game screenshot capture feature and fixed all known game compatibility issues!


In-Game Screenshot Capture

Capture flawless in-game screenshots effortlessly, without the need for a capture card!

Simply press the Share button on your Xbox Series X|S controller or use one of the customizable alternative button combinations to capture pixel-perfect moments during gameplay.

The Stellar screenshot capture works by grabbing the GPU's backbuffer before it's sent to the video encoder for output and is a uncompressed pixel perfect representation of the game being played.

Captured screenshots are stored on the Xbox hard drive and can be conveniently accessed through various homebrew methods or transferred to a computer using StellarOS FTP.


Game Compatibility Fixes

It's widely acknowledged that certain games on the Original Xbox encounter issues, whether on unmodified systems or modded ones.

Common problems include game freezes, loading failures, or graphical glitches.

These challenges prompted the development of XboxHD+. As we encountered additional issues beyond video output, the inception of Project Stellar became apparent, allowing us to address a broader spectrum of issues.

Project Stellar aims to definitively resolve all compatibility issues once and for all. And with firmware v1.5.0 we've resolved all known game issues!

Open Source Contributions


xbox: Disable network interrupts on platform_quit()

feat: Implement key repeat functionality for d-pad input




  • Implemented screenshot capture.
  • Fixed an issue with the Xbox One controller driver that would cause some games to crash.
  • Fixed game logic issue with ESPN NFL Football (USA) that could cause the game to freeze on boot.
  • Fixed game logic issue with NCAA College Football 2K3 (USA) that could cause the game to freeze on boot.
  • Fixed game logic issue with Sims 2, The (USA) that could cause memory corruption.
  • Implemented disc sector emulation for Sims 2, The (USA).
  • Improved PAL game compatibility.



The main objective of this update was to address game fixes and enhance compatibility, and we are delighted with the substantial progress achieved.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of v1.6.0, where we'll introduce network streaming of ISOs!