Project Stellar - Update #2

Project Stellar - Update #2

Hey everyone! Time for another production update on Project Stellar and the XboxHD+. The month of November has been a very productive one with only a couple of set backs.

Production Update

All the parts for the Project Stellar kits have arrived (cable assemblies, flex cables, OLED displays, etc) except for the final retail box. Over the next couple of weeks we expect to receive the final retail boxes and start the process of assembling kits.

Project Stellar / StellarHD+

The first production samples of the Project Stellar board have arrived and they're great! Except... we need to make a couple of small changes based on feedback from the PCB assembly company. This means we're currently waiting for another batch of samples to re-verify before we can give the go ahead on the final production run.

Unfortunately, this pushes our timeline back for third-party retail orders from the end of November into January when accounting for all of the end of the year holidays. To accommodate for this we have reached out to CastleManiaGames, 8bitmods, and VideoGamePerfection to update their listed ship date to end of January.

All pre-orders from are still on track and expected to ship according to their original listed timelines.