Project Stellar - Update #3

Project Stellar - Update #3

Hey everyone! Time for another production update on Project Stellar and the XboxHD+. 

Production Delays

In our last post we went over how pretty much the only thing left was the final Project Stellar boards from fabrication. 

At the beginning of December we had express shipped via DHL some additional parts to our fabrication partners with the expectation for them to arrive before the end of the month. But due to delays in leaving the US due to weather, Christmas, New Years, and custom issues the parts didn't arrive until almost a month later (just a few days ago).

For those unaware, China celebrates Lunar New Year towards the end of January and most businesses completely shutdown for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, after speaking with our fabrication partners the shipping delays has put our boards from shipping before the Lunar New Year to production starting on February 1st.


We're in the process of building the StellarHD+ and QSB boards in house and expect the Project Stellar boards to arrive in February.

Due to these delays we're pushing the ship dates back for the first batch, including retail orders, towards the end of February and expect to have all orders shipped out by then.