Project Stellar - Update #4

Project Stellar - Update #4

Hey everyone! We hope you're all doing well and staying safe. Time for another, and hopefully final, production update on Project Stellar and XboxHD+ prior to initial shipments going out.

Project Stellar - Shipping Update

Early last week we received the first production run of Project Stellar. Since then it's been all hands on deck assembling the final kits. We're hard at work assembling the final kits and preparing them for shipment. This involves a variety of tasks such as testing, programming the boards, kitting, and final assembly.


Project Stellar - The Missing Link

While we assemble the final kits, we're still short one crucial part. The Stellar link cable.

We're working closely with the manufacturer to speed up the process, but it's taking longer than expected. The cables were originally scheduled to arrive last week, but unfortunately, the manufacturer is taking longer than expected to deliver them.

We've also enlisted the help of a backup manufacturer, just in case. We expect to have the cables in our possession in the next week or the back up in two, and we'll start shipping out the kits immediately after.

Project Stellar - Price Change

We also wanted to share some news about the price of Project Stellar. Starting today, the price will be increasing from $80 to $100 and $160 for the XboxHD+ HDMI bundle. Once production and stock stabilizes we'll be offering the XboxHD+ HDMI separately for $60 as an upgrade to those that purchased Project Stellar by itself.

The main reason for the price increase is that production costs have gone up since we first started developing Project Stellar. In addition, we want to grow our business and continue to innovate and improve the product. The increased price will allow us to do that in a sustainable way.


We're waiting on one part of the Project Stellar kits but we have in place a back up plan that should only delay us by two weeks at the most. Once the cable arrives, we ship. All current orders should be out in March. Product pages have been updated ship dates.

We want to end this update by thanking you for your support and your patience. We want you to know that we're committed to delivering a high-quality product and a great customer experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help and we appreciate your feedback.