XboxHD+ Legacy Announcement

XboxHD+ Legacy Announcement

Hey everyone! We just posted a blog update a couple of days ago, and I bet you didn't expect to hear from us again so soon!

As inventory dwindles on the original XboxHD+ v1 kits (non Project Stellar); it's time we talk about our next steps.

XboxHD+ Legacy

The original XboxHD+ was first launched at the end of 2020 and has been in active development ever since.

In 2022, we launched Project Stellar to make the XboxHD+ more accessible to the community. We also used our knowledge of the original Xbox to fix, improve, and expand the Xbox in ways that have never been explored before.

During the early development of Project Stellar, we had a crucial decision to make pretty early on, and that's what was the best direction for the XboxHD+. Throughout the lifespan of the original XboxHD+, we were constantly running into supply chain issues. To fix this, we decided to redesign the XboxHD+ to work directly with Project Stellar and, in the process, simplify the design by removing redundant components to decrease our supply chain constraints.

Now we've come full circle and supply chains have improved enough to where it's possible to offer a legacy solution for the newer XboxHD+ boards to work without Project Stellar.

Our future here at MakeMHz is focused on the continued development of Project Stellar and our next generation RetroHD+ line of products, we will be releasing this purely as a sunset device with limited support for the experienced modders that want to explore pixel perfect video output on the Xbox without the improvement and benefits of Project Stellar.

The XboxHD+ Legacy is open for orders starting today and is currently in production. We expect to ship orders at the end of January.

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