XboxHD+ Update #3

XboxHD+ Update #3

Hey everyone! It's Dustin from MakeMHz with a weekend update. This will be a quick update to cover an issue related to some recently shipped 1.6 kits.

XboxHD+ 1.6 Kit Issue

Recently we discovered an issue with XboxHD+ 1.6 kits labeled with 'Firmware: v2.0.5'. After investigating the issue, it was determined that the kits had been flashed with pre-production firmware with broken updating functionality. This appears to have affected around 80 orders.

Once this issue was identified, we updated our installation guide with a warning. Unfortunately, the fix will require an external programming device.

Affected kits can are ones labeled as 'Firmware: v2.0.5' and NOT ''Firmware: v2.0.5b'.

What's Next?

Over the next week, we'll be sending out an order confirmation for an ST-LINK v2 USB programmer and adapter for flashing the correct firmware. The device, shipping, etc., will be completely free. In addition, we will be providing free replacement flex cables, wire kits, and services to those that attempted the install before the warning was added.

If your shipping address is still good, then no action will be needed. If you've sent your Xbox/XboxHD+ to an installer and would like the repair kit redirected, or if you have any other concerns/questions, then please let us know via our support email at

Customers who order a large number of kits are also welcome to contact us directly for additional support.

We will be sending out an ST-LINK v2 programmer and adapter completely for free.

Moving Forwards

We have implemented additional safeguards in our QA process to prevent mistakes like this in the future. Testing and validation are now verified against firmware releases and will flag the operator when the flashed firmware version is not the latest.

As a final note, we want to apologize to the affected users. This was a 100% avoidable mistake on our part, and it happened at the very last step of production. We're constantly pushing ourselves to achieve more, and mistakes like this remind us that sometimes we need to slow down a bit to ensure we're delivering the best possible product and experience.

Please bear with us as we resolve this issue and catch up on support. If you have any questions or concerns, then feel free to reach out.

- Dustin