XboxHD+ Update #4

XboxHD+ Update #4

Hey everyone! It's Dustin from MakeMHz with quick update. This will be a quick update to cover shipping, programming kits, and support.

XboxHD+ Shipping Update

Over the last two weeks we've shipped almost 1,000 XboxHD+ kits! Unfortunately though, we did not quite hit our goal of having all orders shipped by September 1st as we still have close to 200 remaining orders. 

Our current projection is to have all outstanding orders caught up by September 15th.

Busy, busy, busy! We're working none stop assembling kits!

XboxHD+ 1.6 Programming Kits

All the parts have been received and tested for the XboxHD+ programming kits for those who received a kit with a bad firmware flash. We're currently waiting on the final PCB for the adapter and expect them to arrive by September 10th. Emails will with be sent out Friday and if all goes as planned then kits will go out the following Tuesday.

Color will be sent random. Except for the two pink/purple ones. We're keeping those.

Support Emails

We are admittedly very behind on support emails and will be catching up as soon as possible! All of us here are working as hard as possible, while being short-staffed, to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Please bear with us as we catch up!

While we're not happy with the shipping delays, we do feel that we're quickly learning, improving, and doing better at keeping time frames. With the global chip shortage, shipping delays from vendors, etc every process has been slow and painful. Thank you to everyone that continues to show us their support and compassion!

- Dustin