XboxHDMI - Update #3

Hey, Dustin here from MakeMHz with another update. If you haven’t had a chance to read our last post, I highly recommend checking it out before reading on!

I didn’t expect to have so much to write after just one week. We’re happy to say that customers are finally receiving their XboxHDMI kits! However, there is some misinformation and rumors going around, and we definitely want to clear this up! This will be a long update with a lot of small details, but we believe there are people that want to hear the finer points of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Shipping Labels and Tracking Updates

The largest concern brought to our attention over the last two weeks is shipping labels. In our previous post, we talked about how we generate labels in bulk to identify orders that may have had an issue. These may be orders with notes attached, invalid or incorrectly formatted shipping address, import restrictions, flagged as possibly fraudulent, or for other reasons.

After completing the boards’ fabrication, enough for pre-orders and future orders, we decided to move forward with generating labels for all orders. In retrospect, this was a mistake on our part but was done in good faith.

The logic behind generating labels all at once was to free up time and to allow us to focus on shipping the orders in the order that they were placed.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of using Shopify as our e-commerce platform is that there’s no easy way to print both the label, invoice, and packing slip at the same time so they’re one after the other coming off the printer. This is very important as it allows us to take each order and have the packing list so we can efficiently ship orders out without having to look up each order or having to find the packing list in a massive stack of print offs.

Moving forward, we’ll be rewriting the default ‘shipping notification’ that is sent out to customers to be more detailed on what’s exactly going on. We’ve been told this has caused problems for other Shopify stores in the past, and we want to correct it as quickly as possible. We’ll also be reducing the number of labels that are generated ahead of time to better match orders that are going out the door.

Missing Shipments

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been shipping orders out as fast as we can, and along the way, have made many changes to our workflow. Working non-stop on orders has caused a few issues. The largest being missing chunks of orders from the #1000-1600 range.

Admittedly, we’re still a bit lost on why some orders have not been updated. Over the next week, we will be taking all of our notes and photos to update our database. Any orders that have not shipped will be shipped, and any missing orders will be reshipped. There have been errors on our side, and we’re working on sorting those out.

Email Support

There was a bit of confusion about support emails being responded to, and we’ve updated our website to add our business hours (8 AM to 5 PM EST Monday through Friday, with respect to US holidays.)

We make every attempt to respond to all emails the same day.

OpenXenium Orders

Late last week, we noticed that we had about 20 unfilled orders for the OpenXenium modchip that could have been shipped out the same day. All of these orders have been taken care of.

We’ve set up Shopify filters to allow us to ship in-stock orders quicker, and this should not happen again.

BIOS Patch

The kernel patch to allow for auto anamorphic widescreen for widescreen 480P content, forced 480P, and various other kernel fixes will be released this weekend.

Moving Forwards

With our shipping schedule slipping further behind, we would like to ask our customers to hang tight as we spend this week and the following two weeks sorting out order < #1600 along with sorting out our workflow and everything else for the orders that follow.

If this concerns you, please feel free to contact support,, and we will be happy to work with you. We understand that not everyone can wait, and we can offer you a full refund as long as your order has not shipped.

Final Thoughts

Launching the XboxHDMI and MakeMHz has not been as easy as initially thought. There have been a lot of challenges along the way and we’re learning from every single one. Thank you again to everyone that has shown their support