XeniumOS Update 2.3.4

XeniumOS Update 2.3.4

Hey everyone! It's Dustin from MakeMHz with a very exciting update for XeniumOS (the OS used on Xenium and OpenXenium)!

Back in November of 2021 we released the first update to XeniumOS in almost a decade. With this update we fixed the long standing video output bug on 1.6 systems and more importantly removed multiple 'self-destruct' routines.

As part of our commitment to FOSS and open source projects we've continued our work. And today, we're happy to release our latest update, v2.3.4, that brings numerous fixes and additional features to XeniumOS. 

XeniumOS v2.3.4 Changelog

  • New default skin
  • All self-destruct routines have been completely removed. (Found an additional one since the last update)
  • Native XboxHD+ support. (Requires XboxHD+ FW 2.1.9)
  • Native XboxHD+ QSB+ support (Requires XboxHD+ FW 2.1.9)
  • Disables 'skin' support to prevent black screen on boot if drives fail to initialize
  • Added 'Remove BIOS' option to WebUI
  • Various patch cleanup/tweaks.