Project Stellar - Update #1 (Batch #2 Now Live!)

Project Stellar - Update #1 (Batch #2 Now Live!)

It's hard to believe it's now been a little over two weeks since we announced Project Stellar for the Original Xbox! And it's even harder to believe that we've already sold out of the first batch. We would like to take a moment and thank everyone that has supported us!

Batch #2

Due to overwhelming demand we've started a second batch for Project Stellar and Stellar XboxHD+ (Project Stellar and XboxHD+ as one complete kit). The ship date for the second batch is set for the end of Feb 2023. Currently we're waiting on one part and will be pushing to product as soon as it arrives (Lead-time confirmed and locked in).

Production Update

As for the first batch, we're very well into production.

Currently waiting on production PCB panels. We are building these in house towards the end of November.

Project Stellar
Currently waiting on product samples from fab. These should arrive any day now and once verified we will be giving the go ahead on the full production run.

We also have various other items in the verification or production phase such as the product boxes, cable assembles, flex cables, OLED displays, etc. While there are a lot of parts that have to come together before the end of November; we're confident that we will hit our ship date of November 31st to retailers for the Stellar XboxHD+ and the end of January for Project Stellar orders, as long as all of our suppliers hit their deadlines as expected.


There were quite a few questions after our announcement for Project Stellar and we want to try and answer as many of those as possible here.

What does the StellarOS beta mean?

StellarOS will be in beta at launch and will be in beta until around the end of January (when the standalone kits ship). The goal of launching with the beta first is to allow us to focus on the in-rush of XboxHD+ installs and support. StellarOS beta will first launch with all the feature comforts that are expected from a mod for the Xbox and we will be opening up the more advance features as we get going. In addition, we will be working with the community to write guides, add various support to homebrew, etc as we wrap up the beta phase.

Will Project Stellar work if I already have a soft-mod installed?
Yes! In most cases Project Stellar will detect softmods automatically and remove them. StellarOS also provides an option to scan your system's hard drive to fix any leftover files.

Can I replace *blank* mod with Project Stellar?
Of course! In most cases Project Stellar should be a drop in replacement.

How difficult is Project Stellar to install?
Fairly simple. If you already have a mod installed, then chance are Project Stellar should just be a drop right in replacement. For unmodded systems, a pin header is provided to be installed along with a QSB for 1.6 systems.